Intacts Corneal Inserts

Intacs Corneal Inserts Or Implants – Proven Treatment For Keratoconus

Intacs corneal inserts or implants are a minimally invasive surgical option used primarily for the treatment of keratoconus. The FDA in July 2004 granted Intacs a Humanitarian Device Exemption for use in the treatment of keratoconus largely because of Intacs’ safety record and because only a few treatment options, such as corneal transplants, were available for keratoconus.

How Do Intacs Work?

For treating nearsightedness, Intacs correct vision by flattening the cornea to refocus light rays and improve vision. For keratoconus, Intacs work by flattening the steep part of the cornea or cone to reduce vision distortions.

Intacs are made of the same biocompatible material found in intraocular lenses used for cataract surgery, so there is little or no risk of adverse effects from the material.

Best Candidates For Intacs

Keratoconus, Poor Vision With Glasses Or Contact Lenses

  • Procedure time: About 15 minutes/eye
  • Typical results: Crisper, clearer vision without glasses or contact lenses
  • Recovery time: A few days to several months