LASIK Triple Commitment

Our Exclusive LASIK Triple Commitment Plan

What is the Triple Commitment Plan? NY LASIK is proud to be the only LASIK surgeon’s office in the tri state area to offer the exclusive Triple Commitment Plan. The plan is made up of three commitments: 20/20 or its free written commitment; Lifetime Assurance Plan; and Price Match Guarantee. Patient satisfaction and a lifetime of quality eye care are a big part of our mission. Before your potentially life changing surgery you are given the right to take advantage of this exclusive plan. This plan is in place to assure each patient a lifetime of care to help maintain the best possible and financially feasible care for your eyes.

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The LASIK Triple Commitment

  • 20/20 or it’s Free Written Commitment
  • Lifetime Assurance Plan
  • Price Match Guarantee

To start, 20/20 or its free written commitment is only for patients who undergo Contoura, which is a topography-guided LASIK treatment used at NY LASIK. You must sign a written consent pre-surgery and if you are not seeing 20/20 vision at any time during the 18-month aftercare period then you will be given FREE LASIK. The Program is intended to apply to a healthy person with a normal visual system. It cannot pertain in situations involving injury or vision-limiting disease states of the eye not proximately caused by laser vision correction care.

Next, the Lifetime Assurance Plan is designed to maintain and give you the best possible vision to care for your eyes. There is an additional fee of $500 per eye to be eligible for this plan and must be paid pre-procedure. If your desired correction is not achieved in the initial procedure, and the Vision Partner and Dr. Bley are confident a second procedure is likely to improve the visual outcome, then the patient receives a no-charge enhancement. In order to remain covered by this program the patient must have their annual eye exams documented by an optometrist. Our goal at NY LASIK is not just to provide you with the best vision we can give but to also ensure that you maintain it throughout your life.

Lastly, we are introducing the price match guarantee which is the third and final part of the triple commitment plan. Price match guarantee ensures if you are an eligible LASIK candidate and are quoted a lower LASIK procedure fee after an official LASIK evaluation from a legitimate LASIK surgery provider in the surrounding area with like technology, please bring it to us in writing within 7 business days of your official evaluation and we will match the corresponding price. Here at NY LASIK, we want to ensure you are getting the best possible surgeon and LASIK experience for your money.

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