LASIK vs Contacts

LASIK Is Safer Than Wearing Contacts

Millions of Americans have already had LASIK and the number is increasing. Experienced LASIK surgeons report a less than 1% complication rate. *Many ophthalmologists believe the long-term risk of wearing contact lenses can exceed the one-time risk of LASIK by a factor as high as 5 times in past studies, including an Advisory from the FDA, suggest that contacts represent a serious risk to eye health.

Hygiene is more important ever now with the COVID-19 epidemic, especially since the virus can enter through the eye. When you wear contacts, you are constantly using your fingers to touch your eyes and surrounding areas. Excessive touching of the eye is to be avoided at all costs due to the bacteria or viruses that can be on your fingers throughout the day especially if hand washing is not occurring constantly. If you wear contacts, every time that you take them in or out you are exposing your eyes to the bacteria that lay on your fingers. Especially during this time, it is important to be aware a virus can be spread by touching and rubbing your eyes, face, and mouth.

LASIK and SMILE are safe and effective procedures that correct visual errors in patients who have to wear glasses and/or contact lenses. Here at NY LASIK we have multiple different types of LASIK including bladeless LASIK, Contoura, and SMILE LASIK. LASIK at our surgery center in Manhattan is the safest and has the most advanced technology for our patients.

Recovery from LASIK surgery requires no touching of the eyes, which in turn keeps all germs away. Once your eyes have healed, you are then able to maintain a normal daily life and no longer have the need to touch your eyes in the morning and at night.

*Sources: Mathers, W.D. Archives of Ophthalmology, October 2006; vol 124: pp 1510-1511. William Mathers, MD, professor of ophthalmology, Oregon Health & Science University Casey Eye Institute, Portland, OR.