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Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery

At we offer the most advanced technology available. Combined with Dr. Bley's surgical expertise we provide superior outcomes. Click here to learn more about the technologies we offer.

Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK offers a number of benefits over conventional forms of laser vision correction because there are no blade-related complications. Combined with Dr. Bley's exceptional surgical skill it is the safest form of laser vision correction available.

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Our practice is committed to providing the highest level of medical eye care possible. The doctors and specialists at Laser and Microsurgery have the clinical expertise to evaluate and treat all forms of eye disease.

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LASIK eye surgery safe in long-term, experts say

LASIK eye surgery to correct a person’s vision has been in use since the mid-1990s, but lingering questions as to the long-term effects still come to mind for past and potential patients. But LASIK recipients can rest easy: Studies have shown that the surgeries have little negative effect and in fact, are now safer and more beneficial than ever.
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Surgeon experiences ‘humanness’ of fear during LASIK

We have better and more efficient instrumentation and lasers, larger ablation and blend zones, thinner flaps created by latest generation microkeratomes and femtosecond lasers, and the ability to treat larger degrees of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. All of this, along with sophisticated nomograms, has led to more precise outcomes with lower enhancement rates, less pronounced and less frequent side effects such as dry eye and night difficulties, and happier patients overall.
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