Are You Tired of Reading Glasses?

What is Presbyopia or Near Vision Loss?

As we age, our ability to focus on “near” objects steadily decreases over time and is referred to as presbyopia. When we are young, the lens in the eye is soft and changes shape easily which allows us to focus on objects that are both close and far away with the help of a surrounding muscle. Unfortunately, when we age, the lens becomes much more rigid and stiff. Since the lens is not able to change shape as easily anymore, it is much more difficult to read or focus at a close range. This is why presbyopia leaves the majority of us over the age of 40 rather frustrated from constantly having to reach for reading glasses.

A Solution – Raindrop

Raindrop is a Near Vision Inlay. Raindrop is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. This procedure takes about 10-minutes, and patients are usually able to resume normal activities the next day. The Raindrop inlay is made of soft, biocompatible material similar to a contact lenses and is comprised or almost 80 percent water. Raindrop is bioengineered to mimic the natural cornea, the clear, front part of the eye.

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