NY LASIK Triple Commitment Three reasons You should have your LASIK procedure at ny lasik

  • 20/20 or it's Free Written Commitment*
  • Lifetime Assurance Plan
  • Price Match Guarantee

Over one million Americans have had LASIK, which has been FDA-approved for 20+ years now. Let NY LASIK change your life! It all starts with a free consultation.

At NY LASIK, our goal is to provide you with great vision that will last a lifetime. Patients who undergo Contoura topography-guided LASIK may qualify for our 20/20 or it's free written commitment.*  Our Lifetime Assurance Plan can allow you to improve your vision if your initial procedure does not produce the desired visual results. We also will price match LASIK from nearby competitors using like technology. We want to ensure that you are getting the procedure you want at the price you want.

*Certain conditions apply.

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